Leadership trainings

You are running a team. For your people, you are sometimes a power engine, sometimes a policeman, sometimes a good colleague – always a point of reference. General Motors chairman A. Sloan stated that your primary role as manager is to serve your people. Management guru Peter Drucker claims that the role of a manager is to set goals, motivate and communicate, develop your people - and yourself. As together with the generation change the employee profile is changing as well, a manager becomes less of an administrator, and more – a leader.

How to support your people? How to set direction to their actions? How to ensure durable growth of inidividual employees and the team as a whole? – these are questions to which we are looking for answers in trainings for managers. There are more of them – both questions and areas for development. In the trainings you will learn:

  • how to ensure development for your people and for yourself
  • how to discover and assess your employee potential
  • how to set goals
  • how to be a good coach for your people
  • how to give feedback
  • how to motivate
  • how to delegate
  • how to launch a new team
  • how to run an international team
  • how to ensure action of a virtual team
  • how to run difficult conversations
  • how to solve conflicts
  • how to run job interviews and select the best candidate for the job