Relocation Trainings

You are leaving for a project. A few months – or more. Your company is making the investment and will expect high productivity from your first days on. However, what is awaiting you first is the necessity to adapt to the new place. Unexpected and sometimes unclear situations might arouse emotions. Sometimes you have an impression that you behave in an inadequate way which makes your new colleagues react in an awkward way. It’s not set that you are aware of things which seem to be obvious for others. Adaptation happens on all levels: emotions, behaviours, knowledge. When you are well prepared for the process, you can speed it up and lessen its acuteness. This is the first piece of relocation trainings.

The other piece is knowledge about a specific country. One needs to know a great lot – so I am specializing in Poland. How to establish good relationships at the workplace and after hours? Where do stereotypes about a given culture come from and to what extent can you expect that they are true? What topics can you expect in conversations especially frequently, and which are skipped as taboo? Is your boss your partner or a kind of a god residing a level up? Where will you go to tackle which issues? – these are all elements of a relocation training.