Intercultural trainings

‘He is a German so it will be no fun working with him’. ‘At least he will be in time for meetings.’  - there are plenty of stereotypes in business and life. Do they facilitate or hinder cooperation? How can you prepare for an intercultural contact? How to start and establish international business contacts which are satisfactory for both sides? How to work effectively in teams whose members come from different countries of Europe – or even of the world? And what if the cooperation takes place mostly in a virtual setting? What if you are leaving abroad for a few months or even years? How to become effective quickly and lessen the hardships of the ‘culture shock’?

Our ‘cultural software’ strongly influences the way we approach and perceive anything that happens. In intercultural trainings we explore relativity, we get to know different perspectives and broaden our own. We look for ways to become and stay effective – and satisfied with the international cooperation.