Trainings for business

I have worked in the area of education and training for over ten years. I have delivered over 1900 training hours, most of them in English. The total number of participants of various organisational levels who attended my sessions amounts to more than 2 thousand. I have been and am still working mostly in the world of international organizations – most frequently corporations, and sometimes NGOs specializing in international cooperation. So far I have delivered in 14 different countries. My topics are leadership, intercultural competence, and train-the trainer trainings. I work in Polish, English, and German.

Leadership trainings

You are running a team. For your people, you are sometimes a power engine, sometimes a policeman, sometimes a good colleague – always a point of reference. General Motors chairman A. Sloan stated that your primary role as manager is to serve your people. Management guru Peter Drucker claims that the role of a manager is to set goals, motivate and communicate, develop your people - and yourself. As together with the generation change the employee profile is changing as well, a manager becomes less of an administrator, and more – a leader.

Intercultural trainings

‘He is a German so it will be no fun working with him’. ‘At least he will be in time for meetings.’  - there are plenty of stereotypes in business and life. Do they facilitate or hinder cooperation? How can you prepare for an intercultural contact? How to start and establish international business contacts which are satisfactory for both sides? How to work effectively in teams whose members come from different countries of Europe – or even of the world? And what if the cooperation takes place mostly in a virtual setting? What if you are leaving abroad for a few months or even years? How to become effective quickly and lessen the hardships of the ‘culture shock’?

Train the trainer (and more)

What helps us work effectively? For ex ample – good time management, setting priorities. The ability to present your opinion, your project, results of your work. The ability to manage your own stress level. Effective communication: active listening, asking right questions. The ability to give feedback. There are plenty of skills that make your work effective!