Worked for

Participants of my development programs and projects were coming from countries as diverse as India, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Portugal, Spain, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Latvia, Finland, and Poland naturally. As a trainer, facilitator, coach or consultant I have worked with various groups in 14 countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Morocco, and virtually for groups from all over the world. Here you can see what companies, institutions, organisations I have worked for as trainer or consultant.


  • ArcelorMittal: diagnostics of intercultural effectiveness for members of the Board (2013)
  • Aviva: training on leadership in intercultural context (with Managing Worldwide, 2010)
  • Bahlsen: facilitation for international project implementation team (with Fabryka Szkolen, 2012)
  • Capgemini: managing employees from India (2014)
  • Comau: 2x intercultural cooperation training for directors and managers (with TCO International, 2015)
  • DANONE: intercultural cooperation training for IT EMEA (2014)
  • Euroclear: series of workshop sessions on Polish culture in business for top managers, team leaders, and coaches (with Test HR Advisory Group, 2012)
  • Hewlett-Packard: 72 trainings and workshops in portfolio of Leadership, Management, and People Development for various groups in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, and virtually for audiences around the globe (2007-2009)
  • IBM: Assessment & Development Center for 2nd Line Managers (2014)
  • International Paper: train the intercultural trainer (with Wszechnica of Jagiellonian University, 2010)
  • Kemira: Top performance in international and virtual environment (2013)
  • Lorenz Services: facilitating an international session in IT area (with AFMC Consulting, 2014)
  • MeadWestVaco: team facilitation in Operational Excellence project on internal communication (with ITO Polska, 4 months 2010-2011)
  • Medicover: creating Age Management strategy for whole Medicover Group, trainings on managing age diversity (6 months, 2012)
  • MetLife Amplico: individual consulting for top managers and facilitated session on goal setting and cascading in the organization (with ITO Polska, 2012)
  • Microsoft: team integration moderation (with ITO Polska, 2009)
  • Nokia Siemens Networks: consultant in the area of team management for a selected group of managers covering a structure of over 300 employees, support in employee-, manager-, and leadership-related issues (2009); 9 workshops in the area of managerial skills, employee development and induction workshop for new employees (2009)
  • Novartis: Diversity Management for top managers from the Baltic States (with Personel Profit, 2010)
  • Orange: training on leadership in intercultural context (with Managing Worldwide, 2011)
  • Polkomtel S.A.: 3x assessor in Qualification Workshop (with ITO Polska, 2010)
  • Shell: key note speech on communication in multicultural teams (with Wszechnica of Jagiellonian University, 2011)
  • Teleca: intercultural awareness session for global HR managers (2010)
  • VOLVO: a series of interactive speeches on managing diversity for VOLVO IT (2011)
  • VW Financial Services: Doing business in Poland: relocation training (with Global Cultures, 2015)


  • Centre for Promoting and Development of Non-Governmental Initiatives OPUS: intercultural education: train the intercultural trainer (2010); recruitment project for an education project EURO-NGO (2003)
  • Diversity Charter Poland: workshop for HR on managing age diversity in an enterprise (2013)
  • Diversity Index: panel expert on diversity has brought profits (2014)
  • GFPS-Poland and Horizont e.V.: workshop on working in intercultural teams (2004)
  • House of Peace Foundation: acculturation workshop for Foundation volunteers arriving from abroad (with SIETAR Polska, 2009)
  • International Cultural Centre: intercultural training with elements of Arab cultures (with Lemon Tree Translations & Culture, 2010)
  • Lodz NGO Federation: moderation: defining vision, mission, and strategic goals (2010)
  • Management Consultants and Trainers Association MATRIK: 9 workshops for trainers: intercultural training, relocation training, diversity training, assessing intercultural competence (2010-2014)
  • SIETAR Europe: Intercultural trainer competencies (with Intercultures Espana, 2011)
  • SIETAR USA: Cultural specifics of Central and Eastern Europe (2012)
  • SIETAR Germany: Challenges in the profession of intercultural trainer (with Intercultures, 2012)
  • SIETAR Polska: 3 workshops on culture training methods (2008, 2010), tools for intercultural training (with Intercultures, 2012), managing your career as intercultural trainer (2014)
  • Social Economy Development Foundation: intercultural work counselling (2013)


  • Higher School of Banking, Wrocław: 10x workshop on intercultural aspects of trading on postgraduate studies of Sales Management and Purchasing in Business (2009-2011)
  • e. V. in cooperation with Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany: workshops on Polish culture and business specifics as a part of 5. Intercultural Summer Academy (2004)
  • Oleśnica City Council: workshop on cooperating in intercultural teams (with InterPoint, 2009)
  • Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce: a session on relocation trainings (2013), a lecture on cooperating with the Swedes (2013), doing business with Scandinavians (2014), workshop on managing an international team (2014)
  • University of Lodz: University of Entrepreneuership: 6x training on leadership, conflict resolution, and time management for young entrepreneuers (2010-2011)
  • Wrocław University of Economics: lecture on 'culture shock' and adaptation abroad (2013), Managing International Careers for post-graduate students of International Human Resources Management (2014)


  • Diversity Icebreaker - discover the potential of diversity: 2 open sessions for managers and HR (2014)
  • InterCultural Trainer Program: first time ever in Poland education for intercultural trainers: Developing intercultural competence, Methods and content of intercultural training, Intercultural training in practice (with Intercultures Espana and Wszechnica of Jagiellonian University, 10+ days blended learning, 2011)
  • Invest in a multicultural team - 2 open workshops (2014)