As a trainer, facilitator, coach or consultant I have delivered over 1900 hours of trainings and workshops, facilitated sessions or consulting for various groups in 14 countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Morocco, and virtually for groups from all over the world.
Which companies and institutions were my Clients? Please check in the Worked for section. What were the impressions of the participants? And those who I have cooperated with, what would they like to say? You can read about it below.

Incredible quality! Amazing perfection of knowledge transfer! Competence and 100% of pure content! I know this sounds like an advertising slogan, but I am continuously impressed by Monika as a person and as a trainer:)
Tusia Jałowiecka
I've known Monika for many months cooperating in the same organization (SIETAR PL) and during that time I had couple chances to see Monika working as a trainer. She has everything that great trainer should have - extended knowledge and capabilities, huge experience in working with groups ( in business environment ), and what's, most important very professional attitude to her work. At the same time she is very relation oriented person with deep, true interest in people. I am convinced, that Monika would help many organizations to develop and grow - both in terms of final profit as in terms of employees potential and competences.
Marta Nowicka, SIETAR Polska
During my career in Siemens and then Nokia Siemens Networks I have observed HR evaluation over few years. When Monika joined NSN, she was representing HR role, we managers have always dreamt about. Very open minded, full of experience and knowledge in HR area. She was a great support for me and my managers in day2day and long perspecitve teams building.
Daniel Donhefner, Nokia Siemens Networks
Monika is a great trainer with very wide knowledge! I have participated in her training several times and it's been always inspiring. She also likes to share her knowledge and best practices which was crucial to one of the projects I was leading. I can highly recommend Monika!
Małgorzata Wolska, HP
I worked with Monika within HP - she is very focused on driving the best values for the employees as well as customers. Monika is also extremely personable and has a great deal of integrity. Her culture and impressive intellectual curiosity make her an eminently adaptable individual.
Piotr Szewczyk, Hewlett-Packard

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