My interest is effectiveness – mine and my Clients’. Cooperating with an individual creates the biggest potential for close touch with real situations, for making decision, for a creative change. For development.

Coaching questions are of unique value in team management, conflict solving, and facilitating a workshop session. An area where I want to and am going to develop even more intensely.

What do I already do in the area of coaching?

  • Intercultural Readiness Check - as a certified Intercultural Readiness Check consultant, a diagnostic tool measuring intercultural effectiveness, I run individual feedback and coaching sessions for each assessed person.
  • Business Coaching - individual coaching sessions
  • trainings on Coaching for Managers - how to use the coaching style for leading your people
  • Action Learning - as a problem solving method basing on coaching approach
  • Profilor® – as a certified consultant of this tool, I run individual feedback and coaching sessions following the 360º assessments.