About me

Multitude of threads makes me tick. I believe one should develop in different areas. I try to discover new perspectives and opinions continuously. I am immensely attracted to learning – and to science. I believe in educating the new generations. I am interested in effectiveness and experience. I am aiming towards harmony, even if the path goes through conflict. I believe that where is the will is th way.

Below you can read what I have managed to settle so far.

There is still so much to be done!


Language opens many doors :-) Thanks to quite fluent English and German it was easier to start working in education and trainings, trading, or find a relevant job in corporations. It’s been quite intercultural all over…


What does it precisely mean? Here you will find the 'What' and 'When'. And 'So What'? - I am leaving this question open :-)


I do my best to stay in touch with the academic world, whether as supporter, student, or lecturer. The PhD perspective looks more and more tangible. In this respect, I am taken care of by prof. Piotr Płoszajski from the Warsaw School of Economics. What I am interested in is cooperation in virtual teams – intercultural teams, obviously.