Converting diversity of people

into effectiveness of a team

Welcome! In this website you can get to know more of me professionally. What will you find here? An overview of people and organisation development programs I have designed and delivered, including leadership development projects, leadership and business coaching, training, facilitation, team development processes, strategic workshops, diagnostics – and more about myself. If you have already participated in a session which was run by me, I encourage you to share your experience with other site guests. And if you want to know more, to ask more specifically – please write or call me. Hope to hear from you!

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Trainings for business

I have worked in the area of education and training for over ten years. I have delivered over 1900 training hours, most of them in English. The total number of participants of various organisational levels who attended my sessions amounts to more than 2 thousand. I have been and am still working mostly in the world of international organizations – most frequently corporations, and sometimes NGOs specializing in international cooperation. So far I have delivered in 14 different countries. My topics are leadership, intercultural competence, and train-the trainer trainings. I work in Polish, English, and German.


My interest is effectiveness – mine and my Clients’. Cooperating with an individual creates the biggest potential for close touch with real situations, for making decision, for a creative change. For development.

Coaching questions are of unique value in team management, conflict solving, and facilitating a workshop session. An area where I want to and am going to develop even more intensely.


I consult on creating teams and selecting their members, cooperation in international and virtual teams, leading a team. I help members of virtually cooperating teams to identify their key factors of effective cooperation, among others applying the capabilities of Virtual Performance Assessment®. As a certified Intercultural Readiness Check consultant I run individual and team diagnostics of intercultural effectiveness.

I facilitate work of teams, be it board members or project team members, including multinational and virtual teams.

You will also find me among officially acknowledged CSR consultants in Poland.